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  • If you live in a foster family, or if you used to be in foster care,
  • If your parents are foster parents,

then… “YOUNG Zone” is for you.


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When bringing up foster children, we sometimes want to talk to others like us; we may need professional help; sometimes we just want to find out how parents are coping in other parts of the country or even throughout the world. The Coalition brings together organizations created for and by foster parents, as well as individuals whose goal is to help them and their foster children. We try to contribute to system changes concerning foster care issues by speaking on behalf of foster families.


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POLISH FOSTER CARE COALITION is a group of individuals from all over Poland representing local and nation-wide non-governmental organizations. Our mission is to safeguard a child’s legal right to be brought up in a family environment. Children who cannot stay with their biological family have a far greater chance of normal successful development and future happiness when they are placed in foster families, where they can experience normal home life.


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