The Birth and History

Initially, the Coalition was an unregistered group of individuals and institutions working together; it has always been open to new members and served to coordinate and consolidate foster care efforts. Since our registration, we welcome all people involved in foster care who would like to informally cooperate with us.

We want to spread information and knowledge of foster care in our society and to create a positive picture of foster families and family group homes.

Even before its registration, one of the Coalition’s first initiatives was declaring May 30 as the Foster Care Day. By celebrating it each year we wanted to show our respect for foster families and carers. It is our belief that foster care is and always will be important. We wanted that day to become a tradition each year for individuals and institutions to be involved in and promote foster care; we aimed to create an opportunity for meetings in local communities with people who dedicated their lives to family foster care; and to draw media attention to successful foster families.

On February 15, 2007 Polish Foster Care Coalition received a “Parasol Szczęścia 2007″ award in a contest organized by a monthly magazine “Twoje Dziecko” in the Love category.

Since its registration in 2011, Polish Foster Care Coalition has the following registration information:

  • KRS: 0000378973
  • NIP: 7010292605
  • REGON: 142888395

Ostatnia modyfikacja: 08.06.2018 r.

Koalicja na rzecz Rodzinnej Opieki Zastępczej,
ul. Wiejska 19, 00-480 Warszawa;,,
0000378972, NIP: 7010292605, REGON: 142888395

Konto bankowe: 93 1600 1462 1837 0593 1000 0001

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