Who are we?

POLISH FOSTER CARE COALITION is a group of individuals from all over Poland representing local and nationwide non-governmental organizations. Our mission is to safeguard a child’s legal right to be brought up in a family environment. Children who cannot stay with their biological parents, have a far greater chance of a normal successful development and future happiness when they are placed in foster families, where they can experience normal home life.

Goals of the Coalition:

  • Lowering the number of children placed in round-the-clock group home institutions.
  • Placing children who cannot be brought up by their biological parents in foster families.
  • Raising standards in foster care.
  • Breaking foster care stereotypes.
  • Improving competencies and personal development of the members of the COALITION, speaking “one voice”.
  • Increasing public awareness of child and family care.
  • Assisting former foster children.
  • Supporting foster parents by providing professional help and consulting services.

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